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Asterial Dance & NSquared Dance


Asterial Dance Artistic Director: Megan Lynn
NSquared Dance Artistic Director: Nick Betty-Neagle
Guest Artist / Choreographer: Omar Roman De Jesus

Hudson Guild Theatre

NYC  |  November 2015

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World Premiere  |  Choreo: Megan Lynn

This work is comprised of 5 different stories that highlight women caught in the midst of life's transitions. Using scenic elements, freestanding doors, closed and open opportunities are represented and the characters explore their responses to them. The women battle internal hurdles of hesitation, longing, and fear as well as external obstacles and adversity. Each experiences a shift in feelings and situations becoming stumbling blocks to empowering steps forward. 

The piece raises the audience to question...
How do we know if a door is meant for us to pursue, enter, or leave alone? 
Does our own anxiety or the amount of challenge we face mean anything directionally? 
How long is long enough to pursue a closed door before letting go and moving on? 

Photos: Noel Valero

Choreo: Nick Betty-Neagle
Can human beings unveil the details of others while moving at such a fast pace? The beauty of the relationships we create in public and private spaces, is show in this piece through the flow of our costumes and the weaving floor work.

Photos: Noel Valero

Choreo: Omar Roman De Jesus

Photos: Noel Valero

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